Simplexity for teams

Get to the bottom of details faster,
while keeping an eye on the big picture

Get to the bottom of details faster,<br/>while keeping an eye on the big picture

One principle.
Unlimited possibilities.

Enjoy the intuitive interface and retrieve structured data.

ScreenGalactify principle
ScreenSystems engineering

Perfect for:
Systems Engineering

Engineers understand complex systems faster.
Sketch changes and give feedback in seconds.

Galactify in a nutshell

Visualize intuitively

Visualize intuitively

Simply create graphic elements ("Cards") and fill them with information such as text, links, images, videos or documents.

Map complexity

Structure flexibly

Combine Cards for an intuitive and appealing visualization of ideas and projects. Cards can contain other Cards to create hierarchies.

Collaborate precisely

Collaborate precisely

Each Card is accessible by URL and can be shared and made editable for any other colleague, who has a web browser.

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